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Hi all! A huge thanks to Wilper for pointing out something which needed a tad bit of clarification in Stage Four of SO:

In the beginning of the paragraph where it says “choose another character”, this is in reference to another player’s character. Don’t worry, you don’t have to create an entirely new character!

Something else that Wilper suggested, and I think is a fantastic idea, is to use newspaper spread photographs for character inspiration. This makes the game a bit more accessible should your group not have the opportunity to get out to a public area.

You should all check out his blog, by the way (linked above)! He does a great job of concisely reviewing some interesting games, and has his own PDF for Daughters of Verona up, which looks quite interesting!


A quick note about SO and the rules regarding points:

If a person does not have any points, they may choose to go into debt. If you frame another person’s scene and wish to take a point from them, they must agree to go into debt with you or you will not receive a point. You may only increase your debt one point at a time. When you go into debt, describe how your character owes the debtor’s character.