I’m running short on time, but I’d like to give a very brief introduction to what you should expect to find here.

1) First and foremost, I love the world of role playing games. I’m particularly fond of story-gaming and the independent game design arena. Most of the games I play/read/review will of this ilk. Occasionally I will enjoy a board game or a more traditional table-top game, but these will be few and far between.

2) Game design and theory. I consider myself a newcomer to the game design field. I have enjoyed playing games, but not designing them for many many years. I look towards the “greats” for inspiration, and hope that I can involve them in some good conversation at some point, or at least reference them now and again in here.

3) I like to keep things simple. I will avoid specific terminology and jargon when possible so that I can offer an “introductory” feel to the public when addressing story games. You shouldn’t need an urban-gaming-dictionary to understand the concepts I’ll be talking about, and if anything doesn’t make sense to you, please contact me so that I can more clearly explain any of the verbiage that I utilize.

4) I love people, but sometimes people can be complicated! Our multifaceted-ness is a fantastic thing, but I’d like to keep some of the interpersonal complications away from my writing, so if you have a negative thing to say, please do so constructively, or at the very least, let me know beforehand if you’re going to be brutal.